2016-2017 edition – what happened?

inauguration year

At the end the of the welcoming ceremony we decided to create a small drum orchestra on the stage with volunteers from the audience. It was such a joyful and meaningful event that the idea of creating an orchestra project came about…

Christmas Party

Early rehearsals began. For some people it was their first contact with music and drums. We slowly prepared for the Christmas party together. Rector of the University opened our first ceremony and played carols on beautiful organ. While decorating the Christmas tree by international students, we played a short drumming performance and sang carols with our invited guests. At the end also a saxophone trio met our orchestra and played jazzy carols for this evening. It was great time!

meeting and workshop with jazz musicians

During the winter we had an amazing meeting with world class jazz musicians Bodek Janke, Philipp Bardenberg and Vitaly Zolotov … the East Drive. The musicians played us a small concert and lead an unforgettable workshop for our orchestra’s members.

Bach to Africa Concert

The first full concert of the orchestra! Took place on the first day of spring, randomly on the birthday of J. S. Bach. The participants of our orchestra, besides the drums circle, prepared short a multicultural performance with songs from their native countries.

educational event promoting words cultures

We visited one of the largest primary schools in Wroclaw. We played two concerts for kids. After the concerts we gave countless amounts of autographs. The school director guided us around school, showing and explaining symbolism of school exhibitions. We visited several classes where the children got to talk with the orchestra’s members and find out more about how the schools and education systems look in their native countries. Children had a unique opportunity to listen to different musical styles and learn more about other cultures.


evening with Tongan Songs

Salise, Andrejos Faiva’ilo, a member of our orchestra, came to us from Tonga Island. We organized an evening with his beautiful native songs. During this event our orchestra’s members also met and got to know local Polish artists.

Botanic Garden

Welcoming guests from european universities. We prepared a short presentation for our international guests who represented International Offices of various European Universities. After the show we had a chance to walk in the garden with our guests and talk together in the beautiful scenery.


Farewell party

And it was time to say goodbye. As well as providing fun and creativity, our project was the perfect meeting place for making friends. We are looking forward to the new academic year and a new edition which this project will reveal to us …

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