project design


We organize and prepare concerts promoting ethnic music, intercultural cooperation, and interfaith dialogue. Our project creates an environment where participants can exchange experiences, ideas, and their identity freely, which ultimately results in more valuable performances and educational events.




educational events

We travel to share the music and beauty of our various cultural backgrounds. We encourage our orchestra members to promote their culture and faith, and to share their stories to bring understanding to the design and beauty of what is one diverse family of humanity. Our message is to discover and learn through Wisdom how to build bridges, not walls.


Every year we organize various workshops. These are extraordinary opportunities for orchestra members to gain experience and knowledge that can be deeply inspiring on many levels. The workshops offer unique opportunities to uncover one’s skills, talents, and personal mission in the context of social meaning.

This UniOrchestra project is for students of Wrocław University who are looking for their creative outlet. Musical skills are very welcomed, however you do not have to be a musician to participate. The Drums and More UniOrchestra is a meaningful metaphor for life. We not only aspire to create great music and have a good time but also to search for deeper meaning. This project is like jazz improvisation in that we also don’t quite know what will be played next. With each year new students arrive, and every year we discover our new event program. We are awaiting you! Join our orchestra and let’s venture together on an exciting journey.

The UniOrchestra is based in Wrocław but there are many opportunities to take our ensemble on the road to perform at various locations beyond the city, nationally and potentially outside of Poland.



a project that matters

Not only are we providing entertainment but also a deep learning experience for our orchestra members. The project is a perfect metaphor for the experience of life/career related issues. An orchestra requires collaboration, cooperation, project management, leadership, creativity, or public appearances as does our life/career. And it perfectly demonstrates how to practice on-going open dialogue, which is essential in our multi-cultural society.  We offer unique workshop that help to identify values for our life and career.


Our orchestra is like our city, Wroclaw – a meeting place. Hopefully, it’s a place where you’ll find new friends and collaborators, make new connections and celebrate good times together.

rhythm of our events

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