2018-2019 edition – what happened?

Searching for meaning – Christmas concert

We believe we are all invited to search for the meaning of our lives. We are not here just to produce and consume, or to fear each other, but rather to learn from each other and to understand that every event in our life has meaning. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning. Sometimes it seems, we only have 2 options: follow the meaning or follow entertainment.  We don’t mind entertainment, but we’ve found out that meaning offers us joy while entertainment only offers pleasure. So we would like to start our year with meaningful entertainment.


Searching for meaning

4 different songs as one whole story. Our orchestra comes from 4 different parts of the world, literally and figuratively, but we are one.

Our first song or part is about various forms of slavery. It seems that mass media culture is enslaved by bad news, which surrounds us every day. We can be slaves of technology and material things, but we can also become slaves of our own selfishness, hostility towards others, or our own way of thinking. This is why the second song we chose was written by African slaves in the times of their slavery, and it’s about liberation. This gospel song has a deep universal meaning, it’s about liberation from any addiction, especially from our ego. The third song is about asking for peace. Asking that peace is given to us, as a gift and as a homework.  When we become free in our hearts, we can offer peace to others, and spread good news about life and about people. The fourth song is an invitation to the journey of love. When we are released from our selfishness, we can see more, especially those people who are in real need.

We are sure during this Christmas time we will find many small daily opportunities to spread love. In these times of busyness we should try to give 5 minutes of our precious time to people we come across. It is very easy to be kind to those who share our opinions, so perhaps we should try to be kind to those who don’t share our opinions, to strangers who at first seem strange or not interesting, to people who are simply lonely, and just want to be listened … so listen …

addiction song

liberation song

Asking for peace

Freedom to see people

and more from our performance

lama bada


drums & dance

Christmas Gifts

Polish carol

„Silent Night”

Santa Claus

Our concert on Wroclaw’s market square

Our international orchestra project oppened „Europa na Widelcu” Festival, one of the biggest outdoor festival in the city.

Azerbaijani song

Ukrainian song

Turkish reggae